SIGMA's AGS Conference

Manila, the key blockchain supporter in Asia, will be welcoming a large networking conference this March, 21st-22nd.

About the event organizer – SIGMA

Established in 2014, SIGMA has become a global expo which gathers companies and service providers from the iGaming-related industries.

However, SIGMA summits and meet-ups can be also very useful for everyone interested in emerging technologies like blockchain as it offers a spot to build partnerships and business connections with industry innovators.

This spot is called a Startup Pitch. Here, iGaming businesses promote their brands and solutions to lure investments and attract customers. This is a win-win scenario for both startup owners and venture capitalists, who select from attendees and help their business grow.

Thus, SIGMA acts as a pool for advanced developments and innovations in the gambling sphere.

About the event – AGS

Affiliate Grand Slam will bring together the brightest experts who will talk about the current and long-awaited blockchain solutions for iGaming. The event speakers will introduce the attendees to important industry breakthroughs via interactive talks, and explain how technological developments can affect the market of Asia. It’s a great chance for gaming specialists, players, casino operators and others to work together and promote blockchain initiatives.

AGS is an excellent venue for networking and entertainment as it combines debates with fun activities. So, the visitors will not only learn about the latest news, advancements and product releases, but will also make friends with the industry experts.

Blockchain technology and digital coins have turned into a kind of boost to online gambling space. As a result, customers demand more from gambling houses and encourage drastic changes in the industry. Thus, cryptocurrency/blockchain applications will be the top themes of the AGS event. The advanced tech like AI and VR will be discussed as well.

The organizers selected a compelling location for the AGS conference, as Asia has been recognized as a world tech center and plays a critical part in stimulating blockchain adoption. The number of crypto/blockchain businesses increases every year and engages a new generation of customers.

Currently, you can book tickets for the event or make use of sponsorship opportunities here.