6 Annual Betting and iGaming Africa Supershow

Seun Methowe – the Head of Sales & Partnerships of former Perform Group – possesses in-depth knowledge of how to up digital and sponsorship tools and marketing communications to achieve business goals using marketing strategy, which is integrated for the brand building.

Seun was APCON certified. Perform is the leading digital sports content-media group, which connects the world of sports. The staff is more than 2,700 people around the world, they work in 4 divisions (Content, Media, DAZN & Gaming), they provide premium sports content directly to fans, suggest solutions for commercial customers and build the partnerships with worldwide rightsholders.

Seun Methowe can’t wait to meet you all personally. Right at #6 Annual BiG Africa Supershow.

BiG Africa SuperShow 2019: Place, Date and Participants

Eventus International presents the sixth part of the BiG Africa Super Show, which takes a place at Emperors Palace (from March 25 to March 26), in 2019.

Can say with proud that they have the longest history and best reputation in the field of exhibitions and, also, conferences on African gambling, and they are known for providing innovative thoughts to our audience.

Marketing companies, software developers, regulation authorities, operators, investment firms and affiliates will come from all over Africa to SuperShow BiG Africa. Only this year alone, more than 600 delegates took part in their Sports Rates in East Africa and, also, Sports Rates in West Africa exhibitions, over 40 sponsors and participants joined and more than 50 speakers gathered.

Check if you registered the access pass to this GREATEST event.

BiG SuperShow Contacts

Contacts of the Marketing Director:

  • Lou-Mari Burnett
  • Marketing Director of Eventus International
  • Email: loumari@eventus-international.com
  • Phone: +27829075850